Saint Paul Preparatory School & Bethlehem Academy, US

Dear Parents,

I am happy to announce the move of Saint Paul Preparatory School (SPP) to its new location on the campus of Bethlehem Academy (BA). Over the past 13 years SPP has evolved as a STEM school but needed more space to expand its science program. Now, we are working together with BA, a school with a 120 year history. We have been able to forge a partnership where SPP can expand its science programs while at the same time take advantage of the traditional curriculum at one of Minnesota's premier private schools.

With our new partnership, we will be able to provide excellent host families and a boarding school opportunity. SPP's STEM curriculum will be the basis for all of our Saint Paul schools throughout the world and BA will contribute to our development of traditional curriculum. I hope that you will come and visit our campus, see our safe environment and speak with our caring teachers and experienced principal. Our principal, Dr. Chuck Briscoe has previously led SPP and now is the principal of the BA/SPP partnership. Thank you,

NISS Frank Tarsitano대표 사인

Dear Parents,

I want to welcome you to a great high school. We have been working with students in Faribault, Minnesota for one hundred and fifty-four years. We have made several improvements in the past three years and always strive for continued growth and excellence. We are very excited to be in a long-term partnership with NACEL. The NACEL organization has invaluable expertise in international and STEM education that will only add to the already rich environment at Bethlehem Academy. Through the partnership with NACEL and St. Paul Preparatory School, we will offer new STEM courses this fall.

We will also offer both a high school and middle school Robotics Club. The SPP STEM program will offer students the opportunity to excel in high-quality courses, while gaining analytical problem solving, informed decision-making, and critical thinking skills. This is my 32nd year as a high school principal. I can promise you that this is a great high school with high academic standards, a robust after school program of clubs, music and athletics, and a student body that is like a family. You will become part of the BA community when you become a student here. I am excited to greet you next August.
Dr. Chuck Briscoe

Projected Outcomes Summary:

1. The STEM Honors Scholar Program recognizes students who have dedicated themselves to a rigorous course of study in preparation for college. Students will acquire a mastery of the skills in critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration that will make them a valuable part of the 21st century workforce.

Program & Tuition
Science Four years of rigorous science courses will prepare students to enter into the science program at any college or university.
Technology By completing two years of computer programming and computer science courses, students will be prepared to apply computer software skills for technological innovation and to other challenges in computer science, and develop a deeper understanding of other applications of technology within industry and the arts.
Engineering After the completion of one year of study in introductory engineering classes, students will learn about and apply the engineer design process, and identify a problem, analyze it, develop and implement solutions, and iterate the process for continual improvement.
Mathematics Completion of four years of math will fully prepare students to enter the first –year Calculus program at any college of university.

2. Added two additional Advanced Placement Courses. We now offer seven Advanced Placement and College in the Schools Courses. Most students graduate from BA earning several college credits at BA.

3. We are the only high school in the United States that offers an Agriculture Program .

4. The BA Class of 2018 graduated with an average ACT Score of 25 That is two points above the state average and Minnesota has the highest ACT score in the country.

5. The BA Class of 2018 graduated 41 students last spring. They were awarded a combined 1.4 million dollars in college scholarships, an average of $32,000 per student .

6. We continued our 15-year average of having a 100% graduation rate. If you start at BA, you will graduate on time and be prepared for the rigor of college.

7. 100% of our students are involved in a club, music or in athletics.